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This British artist, born [1938] and raised in Suffolk: left home as a teenager to pursue adventure. He joined the RAF as an aircrew cadet, left after five months, became a prelim/architecture pupil before spending two years National Service with the Royal Norfolk Regiment in Germany. After de-mob, he studied part-time, while working on British Railways, took the Civil Service Exam in 1959, and became a Waterguard Officer in HM Customs, where he served at different ports/airports within the UK before two and a half years patrolling the Irish border. There, in association with Irish artists, he began his painting career. In 1964 he hung up his uniform and went to art school as a full-time student, he was twenty six years old.

1964-65   Ipswich School of Art
1965-68   St Martins School of Art
1968-71   Royal College of Art

One-Person Exhibitions:

2011   The Rectory Gallery, London
2010   Curwen Gallery, London
1998   ‘The Green Line’, Apocalypse Gallery, Nicosia,
1994   The House of Demetra, Cyprus
1993   ‘Cyprus Elegy’, Gloria Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
1987   ‘Etna’, Geological Museum, London
1985   School of Architecture, Canterbury
1982   University of Kent
1979   Deben Art Gallery, Woodbridge
1978   Thumb Gallery, London
1977   Astoria Theatre, London

Public Commissions:

1998   Yialousa, Pentelides, Holy Synod, Nicosia, Cyprus
1994   Regiment, Royal Artillery, Senelager, Germany
1992   United Nations, Ledra Palace, Nicosia, Cyprus
1988 Mural, Geological Museum, London

Group Exhibitions:

1996   Barbican Book Fair, London
1995   Greenwich University, West Mailing, Kent
1995   Stansell Gallery, Taunton, Devon
1994   Drew Gallery, Canterbury
1991   Four Elements, Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne
1991   Amnesty Exhibition, Art for People, Canterbury
1991   Volcano Landscapes, Boundary Gallery, London
1991   The Cigar Box, Drew Gallery, Canterbury
1990   The Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury
1990   The One-Off Gallery, Dover
1989   The Guardian Gallery, Bristol
1988   Nottingham University Art Gallery
1987   Coastlines, Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne
1987   Land, Sea and Air, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury
1987   Drew Gallery, Canterbury
1986   Reserve Geologique de Haute Provence, Digne, France
1986   Peace and Justice Exhibition, Canterbury Cathedral
1986   Studio East, Invicta Radio, Canterbury
1985   Thumb Gallery, London
1984   The Mall Gallery, London
1984   Thumb Gallery
1984   Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury
1982   Bonners Design Association, London
1982   Painters at Canterbury
1981   Royal Automobile Club, London
1981   The Front Room Gallery, London
1981   Thumb Gallery, London
1980   Camden Library, London
1979   Swiss Cottage Library, London
1979   The Festival Hall, London
1978   Artists’ Market, London
1976   Camden Arts Centre, ‘Doors’, London
1975   The Oriel Gallery [Welsh Arts Council] Three-man Group, Cardiff
1974   Three-man Group, Wimbledon, London
1973   Drawing Show, Wimbledon, London
1972   RCA, London
1970   Painters RCA, London
1970   Four Painters, Dartington Hall, Devon
1969   Environmental Art, RCA, London
1969   Art Space, Peckham, London
1968   Twickenham Galleries, London
1968   Zwemmers Gallery, London
1967   Artists’ International Association, AlA, London

Work is in various private and public collections,
in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Cyprus and Greece


2014   Author: ‘The Art Schools of Kent’, Werter Press, London
2013   Contributing author, ‘Eric Hurren’, Wetzig Press, Braunschweig, Germany
2007   Contributor, ‘Kassemoff, A Tribute’ Beckenham School of Art Archive
2006   Joint author [with Norbet Lynton, John Cornall, Benedict Read] ‘Stass Paraskos’, Orage Press
1998   Artists’ book, ‘Coastlines’, University of West of England, Bristol
1997   Arts documentary, Channel Two, Cyprus Television
1997   Author, Catalogue, Eric Hurren, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury
1997   Speaker’s paper, GLAD Conference, London
1997   Publication, GLAD, London
1994   Article, Drawing Fire Journal, Bristol
1991   Article, NAFAE Journal
1990   ‘Transgressions and Alignments’, NAFAE Conference paper
1987   Channel Four, Signals
1987   Article, Art Monthly
1987   Programme, Radio Invicta, Kent
1986   Programme, BBC Radio Kent
1986   Panelist, Putting on the South Arts, TVS
1985   Programme, BBC Radio Kent

Art Teaching Career:

1987-98   Head of the School of Fine Art, Kent Institute of Art and Design
1982-97   Head of the School of Fine Art, Canterbury College of Art
1978-81   Head of the Foundation Department, Wimbledon School of Art
1971-77   Part-time tutor, Fine art, Wimbledon School of Art
1973-77   Part-time tutor, Theatre Design, Wimbledon School of Art
1973-76   Part-time lecturer, Art History, Maidstone College of Art
1974-78   Visiting artist/lecturer various art schools including Cardiff, Dartington Hall, Devon, Exeter, Medway, Kingston, London University, Royal College of Art
1983-94   Visiting artist/lecturer various including Birmingham, Dundee, Cyprus College of Art, Paphos, Camberwell, London Institute, Edmonton University, Alberta, Alberta College of Art, Calgary
1989-93   Validation/Course Reviewer, Council for National Academic Awards [CNAA] various art colleges, polytechnics, universities throughout the UK
1998-01   External examiner, University of West of England1998-2001   Visiting Consultant/Reviewer, University of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Alberta College of Art, Calgary, Canada
1998-01   Consultant/reviewer, Kent Institute of Art and Design
1998-01   Visiting Reviewer, Quality Assurance Agency, Leeds Metropolitan,
1998-01   Westminster University, City University, University of Humberside, University of West of England, Oxford Brookes University, Sheffield Hallam University.
2001 –   Free-lance lecturing, consultancy, various